Jeevan Pramaan

Jeevan Pramaan 2.0

Generates the Digital Life Certificate using the Aadhaar platform
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3.0 (See all)
  • Proper installation for Jeenvan Pramaan.
    To install the software correctly, make sure that you already have Net Framework and currently released Visual C++ Runtimes. Once you... Read more
  • Procedure to provide life certificate through Jeevanpramaan.
    According to the information found on the official website, the service allows you to obtain your own certificate through the available apps... Read more
  • Digital Life Certificate through Jeevanpramaan.
    You can download the new version of the application through the following link: However, it appears that you... Read more


No specific info about version 2.0. Please visit the main page of Jeevan Pramaan on Software Informer.

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